Rose's Turn

Genres: Short, Thriller
Country: USA
Language: English
A glamorous European couple working in LA invite a homeless woman for dinner, and learn that their idea of helping may not be as simple as it seems.
Director: Kymberly Harris


Genders : social drama

Synopsis : Vanessa, from a modest social background, goes to Marseille following the death of her father, whom she has not seen since adolescence. Master Leclerc, in charge of the estate will offer her an unexpected choice that will plunge Vanessa into his past.

Susan & Thomas

SUSAN & THOMAS (production completed December, 2016, final cut, November, 2017) is a stream of consciousness narrative based on Susan Sontag's first encounter with her then literary idol Thomas Mann as a 14 year old high schooler with literary ambitions living in 1947 LA, and it is based on Sontag's 1987 New Yorker magazine essay "Pilgrimage." It is a personal take on a true story. Melissa Chalsma as "the writer" retraces Sontag's steps.

The Embrace

Language: German with English subtitles
Runtime: 00:14:54

Synopsis: Mother daughter conflict after death of husband/father on the Baltic island staring Renate kroessner, Marie Ernestine Worch and Gerd Silberbauer














Golden Bream

Categories: Short 
Language: Russian 
Genre: Comedy/Drama 
Runtime: 24 min

Synopsis: Young “secular nun” Elena goes on pilgrimage to holy places of Russia in the hope of healing her mental disorder. Feeling her Guardian-Angel’s invisible protection, the girl enjoys her fascinating journey which is smooth sailing, without any difficulties, troubles, and woes. However having found herself in mystical cold Petersburg, at the eve of Christmas, Elena encountered a chain of mysterious events.

Director: Yuriy Konopkin